Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Animals S.O.S.

Late tonite (Tues) I received a few sms and an email on the same matter. It is quite distressing. I shall copy and paste the email a friend sent here.

Dear Friends,

I just received news that about 60 dogs and cats need adoption urgently between tomorrow (19 July) and Friday (21 July). These animals are scheduled for culling tomorrow, but the local MP (authorities) has given an extension to the culling date. Half the animals are licensed and belong to owners. Tomorrow, the animals will be photographed and posted on blogs (or advertised) so that owners can locate them.

If you would like to rescue these animals by adopting them, please show up tomorrow at No.1 Jln Utama, Jln Perindustrian Puchong Perdana, Selangor Malaysia; at 9am. If we can find homes for most of the animals, perhaps we can do away with the culling!

For more enquiries, contact: Kokila 0166070398 or
Sham 0122238459

Kindly spread the word around! Post on blogs, and online bulletin boards.

Sigh.. I hope I'm not too late as the messages came late. As an animal lover, I don't know what I can do besides spreading the message. It's not possible for me to personally adopt more dogs or cats.

The problem of unwanted pets is a mammoth one.. I just don't understand how people can abandon their pets and how the poor manner the authority is handling it. Pet shelters like SPCA or PAWS have too more than they could cope already.

To me, it is the MINDSET of the people that need to change and therefore we have to get to the root of the problem with education. We need to educate our next generation on pets ownership from a young age and to incalcate proper values in them..

When God created the world, human beings were given the task of stewardship of the earth - we were supposed to take care of the environment and all the other animals well. But look at what a mess human beings have done with this..

Gosh, i could just go on..! But right now, lets pray that the matter above can be solved, that at least some of these dogs and cats would be adopted so that the death of the poor animals will be minimised..



Ruth said...

Wait, I don't understand. Half the dogs are licensed and belong to owners? Why are they being culled then? I don't understand! :(

jesscet said...

this is the sad fact. Half of these dogs had owners who did not want them anymore! Now the only way they can have a lease of life is through adoption..

Ruth said...

Terrible, terrible. ;( I don't know what to do when I hear about things like this.