Wednesday, July 05, 2006



Against the odds, Italy beat Germany to emerge into the Final of the World Cup 2006!

And what a way to win it.. At the last two minutes of extra time - infact the second during injury time that the Azzurries were on fire and scored two goals almost back to back to clinch their place in Berlin!

It was on exhilirating game. And the result was all so sweet to me. Remember, the Germans beat my Argentinians in Q-Final?

But actually I was all prepared for the nerve-wrecking penalty shoot0ut when the goals came.. so late yet so beautiful. In fact, the whole 120 min. game was a very exhilirating one. Both sides displayed much skills but couldn't find the goal opening.

Until almost the last minute.. for Italy!

I was so ecstatic that instead of sms-ing my World Cup buddy Gia (whom I snsed during the game to comment), I had to call her and she also sounded excited. Mind you, she is a married woman!

So at least one of my two favourites made to the Final. i don't care what people think but I am rooting Italy all the way to win the cup now - whether against France or Portugal.


jaytea said...

that was quick!

terbanguned 5-something and watched the last 8mins of the game. good thing my heart didn't have to bedeebopbop thru the 1st 110 mins.

good to hear of the transfer.

jesscet said...

hi ya! yep, it was very intense the game and I thought it would go to a shoot out already! So u for the Azzurries too?

still not confirmed about the transfer as yet.. need to talk to boss later and see.

Lucas Chong said...

Yahoo...!!! ITALY is in...! woahahahaa! i want them to get the cup! =)


jesscet said...

Yap, me too! Italia rules!!