Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Update on `I Did It!'

To followup my post yesterday.. I did have a chance to talk to my boss just now. And as I have half expected, his answer is `not now'.

He even took the pain to explain to me the direction of the paper and how I can still do what I like here and yeah.. we had a rather long chat. He seems genuine and kind enough so I also didn't persist. No use what..

He also let me know that he has rejected a couple of such `transfer applications' and I guess because of shortage of staff and don't want to set precedent, he said he will reply my letter soon but he won't approve of the `transfer' as for now.

He said we needed to wait `a period of time' (however long I have no idea..)

We even joked a bit and then something he said made me quite happy.. I know this will make me sound so vain but here it is. He seemed very surprise when I revealed my age. He said he never thought I was older than him! To that I jokingly reply that made me happy enough to stay for a while. Ok, that's just a joke...;p

Anyway, for this I've prayed and so have some of my friends for me. Like one of my colleague said, God puts us here for a purpose. And maybe now there's still purpose for me to be there until I am ready to be transferred.

To be honest, I don't detest working at this paper that much.. just annoyed at certain things and the future looks still uncertain.

But if God wants me to be here, I shall do that until a real opening is possible.


Lim Chang Moh said...

Hi, it came as a surprise to read abt your request for transfer to NST. I had thought u were happy at MM.
Anyway, I am praying for u -- that God will help u make the right decision. Yes, sometimes it is best to let the Lord handle our life for us. We just pray and He would do the rest. Most of the time, it works. God bless...

boo_licious said...

Then how did Sam get over to that side? Never mind, look at the bright side of things - you can still sleep in!

Aiks, you going to Cambodia? I heard that Ms. C will be back mid July so hopefully you don't miss her this trip.

jesscet said...

chang moh: things are not like before now.. thanks for your encouragement and prayer. will still hang in there :)

boo: Sam? That's like LOOONG time ago before the take over and such.. Yeah, at least the time is flexible ;) i will only be going to cambodia on july 26, so hopefully can meet up with Ms C and you guys!