Saturday, July 08, 2006

This Lazy / Next Busy Weekends

Its a lazy Saturday afternoon.. was out having a half-day `excursion' with parents - involving running some errands and then heavy lunch! And now back in my room resting. Should be sleeping but suddenly feel like blogging.

It's quite a luxurious weekend really.. no work nor church duties and the only thing on tomorrow (besides going to church of course) is to watch a horror movie for review on Monday.

But now I'm reminded of the coming week and `scary' weekend ahead next. From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, I will be busy with various church `duties'. Well it is not exactly duties but its something that I'm involved with - coordinating talk, leading worship, attending training etc.. - all will be happening next weekend.

Which make sense why i should get enough rest this weekend. But hmmm.. am I really resting?

Some might be wondering how come I've been sleeping early and waking up early since last week. I don't know the real answer.. perhaps its the medication and sometimes I don't know it's becaucse I sleep early then I wake up early or I wake up early therefore i am tired and sleep early.. chicken and egg story.. and I find I'm not really making sense now.

Work has been busy but ok. Thursday was a crazy day.. and now I have three main stories to write besides my other columns. I'm also a bit upset with today's Weekend Mail. My stories have been changed big time. Mainly to fit into the little space we have. Sigh.. I am beginning to lose the passion for writing for the weekend now as everything is heavily edited!

At least my movie cover story on Thursday was not changed much.. and turned out quite nicely. That's a consolation.

Jojo and Jelly are smelly. I should bathe them soon but the weather is chaotic. In fact, it was so sunny when we reached home a while ago but now it just rained again.. And I'm also quite tired physically... But i must bathe them tomorrow morning before church.

It's nice to have a free day today.. so free that I'm wondering whether it's real!! Sad.. such is the life of a urbanite these days..

Time to just lie on the bed and sleep away if I can...


littleguykitchen said...

My apologies for not coming so many days. So much you've blogged. Ermm... mine too. lolz. Have a nice rest ok. Don't get over work. Perhaps you should have sometime to yourself. That would be great. Cheers and have a happie weekend :)

Ps: I've linked you up.

jesscet said...

thanks! yeah, i need rest and planning to catch the last two matches! I'm also linking you to my food blogging friends to! see ya around! ;)