Monday, July 03, 2006

Old and New Friends

'Tis a small world after all!

Thanks to the church friends' connection. I met up with a friend who I first met in London like more than a decade back! And through his arrangement, I had a nice dinner and drinks with some of the brothers and sisters from `lu biao'(sign post) Chinese fellowship.

The dinner was a mini-reunion of sort of the London Chinese Church fellowship `Lubiao' (Sign Post) that I attended for just half a year. Besides Joshua, who I have met a few times at my church, I only knew Baochun, who came here with his Malaysian wife Jia Jie, as well as his mother and uncle. Then there were another couple and a girl whom I just met last night.

Although it's more new friends than old friends for me, we had a good time. Had a rather economical yet tasty dinner at Mid Valley's `Spring Valley' Chinese restaurant, and after that adjourned to Secret Recipe for cakes and coffee.

It was quite nostalgic to be able to communicate with these brothers and sisters in both English and more so in Mandarin - the medium we used back in London.

We had lots to talk about, from World Cup (a little) to theological stuff and just chit chatting away. It's true that there's always a bond when Christians get together.. there's something in common in the friendship.

Just want to say all the best to Baochun and Jia Jie, as well as `Ah Boy' (he would shout in protest of this nickname) and his fiance and also another sister. Gosh I am getting old that I don't want to write their names wrongly here..

I also got the contact of another dear friend who is now in Hong Kong. Will look her up when I go there end of the year.

A special thanks to Josh for organising the dinner. Hope there will be more such meetings to come.


lainey said...

love the new hair do!

jesscet said...

hehe, thanks! ;)