Friday, June 30, 2006

Half Year Ponder...

Time flies (these two words I use too often these days!) ... But really, 2006 has come to its half-year mark!!

Last year at half way mark, I did a resolution list of sort - SPG Challenge - on my rather new blog..

This year, my 2006 resolutions had mostly gone down the drain.. yet again. Sigh, I must be less ambitious so now I have only three resolutions which I aim to achieve:
  1. To do my daily devotion and pray more
  2. To sleep earlier and wake up earlier (which will suit my `new job' fine
  3. Exercise more and eat less
Of course, there are many other `sub-resolutions' if there are such words to describe it. But knowing my discipline and self-control level, I jsut can't be greedy. These are the ones I want to start with.

But with WC still on till July 10th morning, I think no. 2 and 3. would not take off too well.. :p

Feel kinfa bored and restless being at home.. but this morning went out with dad to renew passport. Had a hair cut! Now hair is almost 2-3 inch shorter.. feel quite refresh! But won't post pix as I have such bad eye-bags.. :(

Oooooh.. tonite is THE match of the quarter-finals! Hope i'm alert enough to watch it. Can't believe I slept through The Bachelor final last nite!

So here's hoping it will be a good 2nd half year whereI really will improve myself in every aspect.. Will share more about my work once I get back to work.. Yeah, some changes looming...


littleguykitchen said...

we all lose some n gain some for resolutions. don't take too hard on yourself ok. don't tell me you're cooking up a storm. oopss... :lol don't sleep so late yar cus it gives u eye bags. :)

jesscet said...

thanx for the sound advice. Yep, now trying to sleep AND wake up earlier! no, don't think I am qualified to cook up a storm!! ;)