Friday, June 23, 2006

My two Js' update

Before i get accused of turning this blog into a football blog.. let me get back to the theme of Jess' 2 Js.

Jelly went for a total `make-over' on Wed at a pet grooming saloon and not her normal pet shop. Yep, they specialises in grooming only! Pretty expensive but it was good result.. my dad, who picked her up was so pleasently surprised that he called me to say Jelly looked so beautiful!!

Well, some may beg to differ. She's very neat and smart looking now but she was cute looking with unkempt and messy fur. However, that was not hygenic.

Here I present the BEFORE and AFTER look of Jelly

Before: Getting set to go for her make-over

Two different `after' poses

And not forgetting Jojo, whose upkeep is rather fuss free and always wears the same look! ;) but he's a little on the thin side now.. poor thing. And he doesn't like to pose for photos unlike Jelly.

Jojo waiting for treats

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