Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jelly turns 2!


I am such a bad, forgetfull mommy! I should have posted this last nite and not like the last few minutes of her birthday! But actually I only remembered it's her birthday when driving to work and the radio had some dedications to people whose birthdays were today. When `June 7th' was mentioned, it suddenly hit me!

So.. (i know this might sound stupid to non dog lovers) I called mom and texted the maid to be nice to Jelly and give her special treats! I could only be home later at night as I have a dinner appointment with some old friends.. coincidentally also to celebrate a friend's birthday - belated.

Hmm.. what did I get Jelly? Since I've always pampered the two Js with treats and toys all the time.. I didn't go buy more stuff for her. Instead, I brought home a piece of `Marmite Crab' leg from our dinner! Yeah, we could not finish so I thought why not give Jelly a treat. Of course I washed it to get rid of the saltiness and then tore the flesh out.. Yummy... she loved it!

Here are a few shots of Jelly taken just! Isn't she a sweetie? ;) Again, i feel bad for she's due for grooming.. should have given her a nice fur-trim for her birthday.. guess it has to be belated present now!


Anonymous said...

such cute photos of jelly!


Lucas Chong said...

jelly is...a terrier right? which kind? the breed...?

kt said...

jelly's soooooooooooooo cute!!!

jesscet said...

lucas: jelly is a miniature schnauzer but your observation is not bad cos she looks more like a terrier with her being over-size plus her beard trimmed! :D

kt: thanks! your so(with so many ooooos says it all. yeah, she is adorable! ;)