Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sweet `Autumn Wedding'

'Tis a Marriage Made in Heaven...

Congratulations to HL&CN! The sweet (and rather shy) couple got married at church followed by a lunch reception at a hotel. She looked lovely and radiant... and somewhat in a dreamy mood.. smiling sweetly all the time. He was a little jittery at first (you know in case things went wrong etc..) but wearing this grin that let us know he's over the moon...

From the speech CN gave, we could tell how proud and on top of the world he is for `winning' back an `intelligent, Christ-centred and popular' wife (think I didn't misquote him here..;P) And in return we know how this groom will pamper his bride with all TLC and his romantic gestures!

The theme of the wedding was `autumn' - as in the colour scheme.. the deco and wedding stationaries and accessories were all matching. It was indeed a lovely wedding from start to finish. With many rainy days lately, God provided good weather and there just a little drizzle in the late afternoon.. but by that time, it didn't affect the wedding and all of us anymore..

I was roped in as the usher coordinator for chuch and also helper at the lunch reception at a hotel. Everything went smoothly.. must say the bride is one of the, if not the most organised and administrative savvy person I've ever met. Not only that, she also designed, handmade and printed her own programs and down to confetti cases! Then, the beautiful flowers/bouquets and deco are done by our wedding co-ordinater Mrs L.A. Chuah who has all the flair for unique floral arrangements. Ok, not forgetting the beautiful and tasty wedding cake handmade by Mr `Fatboybakes', who was also the experienced toast-master with `words of gems' ;)

Over lunch, it was nice catching up with friends as sometimes we're just too busy to do so even in church and peer group meeting.. and our table, consisting of a few `loud' people and singers as well as loud singers (yours truly included) probably had beaten all the other tables in our mega decibles `Yam Seng' round!

Oh, I did take quite a bit of photos! But as the camera-shy bride (who never posted even one of her own photos in her now `wilting blog') prefers not to have their pictures posted on a public blog. So guess those photos will be for `private consumption' only.

But, but, I just have to post this big group photo of all our friends in the CCF (our peer group) - the place where it all started for the bride and groom, as well as our friendship... well, everyone looks small enough to be anonymous! ;)

HL, CN, will miss you guys when you leave for Hong Kong. And esp HL, who has been such a wonderful and supportive friend/sister-in-Christ ever since we met more than six years ago. On the other hand of course, I'm truly very happy for you both that you've found each other and starting this exciting journey of marriage together.

Without getting too mushy... So here's wishing you all the best! May God bless your life together and yeah, we'll soon catch up in HK! And over the Internet of course! ;)

Bon Voyage and Good Bye (just for a little while)!


Cybertron said...

oh all my best wedding wish bells goes to the sweet couple. meanwhile where r u eh? just too many gals. im blur :lolz

jesscet said...

Hi, u mean where am i in the photo? hehe, this is supposed to be `anonynous' and i'm glad u can't point me out! ;) my photo can be viewed else where in this blog!!

babe_kl said...

whoa so that was the cake fatboy was baking step-by-step in his blog hahaha wooo magnificent!

jesscet said...

Yeah i realised he has many `fans' hehe. It tasted nice too..