Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Taking a Break...

Phew! We now have a two-day break from World Cup action before the quarter-finals are brought on! At least I could sleep longer tonight and tomorrow.

I am taking a few days break.. had not been sleeping well and feeling overwhelmed with work and other things on my mind. May be World Cup also had a toll on me.. anyway, almost finished all the work and will do the rest at home. Thanks to my doctor's MC.

Ever since I started following the Cup from 1986, this year seems to be the most exciting (besides 1986 itself with the football wizard Maradona) Why, there have been many thrilling games and some for the wrong reason. And look at the teams entering into Q-finals! ALL except one previous champions are now through and will be fighting it out. And the most mouth-watering game has to be between Argentina and Germany! Ukraine and Portugal are out-siders so to speak, especially Ukraine. But I think it's almost improbable for them to advance to the semi.

There have been lots of conspiracy theory by various columnists in the MM Sports pages. Quite entertaining to read.

With more than 50 hours to the Q-Final show-down, I shall present here a few photos of the road to Q-Finals featuring some of my favourite games and players. (courtesy of

Beckham the England`saviour'

Two magnificent French`botaks'
Messi who looks a little sloppy is hailed as the new Maradona! (and highly praised by the legned himself)Argentina `flying' high - what a kick!Ronaldo the record breaker - most no. of goals for a player in WC!

Celebrating with Kaka and Adriano
Totti sucks his thumb after the brilliant penalty kick
Buffon - the great Italian keeper who is also the most expensive in the world!
Italy celebrates!A goalie caught in action.


Lucas Chong said...

i'm like you, tired and sleepy almost everyday at work. no leave, no mc...sigh...but i still enjoy the matches...

at least my team is in ITALY...=)

what's your comment on the penalty. it's fair for australia? or they should proceed with 30 minutes extra time/penalty to determine the winner?

in the meantime, rest well and we shall enjoy the matches to come.

jesscet said...

Hi! yeah, it's having a toll on us but you're pretty young so should be ok :)

hmmm..tough question. u see an Italian player was harshly punished and given red card, then the penalty awarded against Aussie was kinda dubious. It's the referee that's the culprit so Italy's win is not undeserved. Sad for Australia but all the while I knew Italy would go through!

u can read some heated debate on this issue in

yeah, lets enjoy the beautiful game while it lasts. i mean this World Cup. So are u for Argentina or Germany? Italy should beat Ukraine if not it's sad...

Lucas Chong said...

erh...germany...cause they're the host. higher chances in term of winning. just my 2 cents.