Sunday, June 04, 2006

Re-living Our Childhood

How many of these colourful cartoon characters can you recognise? ;)

Errr.. don't ask me. I still couldn't name most of them. I only knew the Powerpuff Girls - more like acquaintances - coz I didn't know their individual names! Oh, but now I also know Dexter and Mojo Jojo. :p

Yep! I went to watch Cartoonival! - presented by Cartoon Network at the KL Convention Centre last Friday.

A friend whose sis worked at the HK Cartoon Network was given some very good comp tickets. And since my godson was going too (and I must say ashamely that I had not seen him since last Dec) so I thought I should take this opportunity to meet him.

Our party consisted of 8 adults and 4 kids.. We had dinner at California Pizza and then adjourned to the show next door..

We had very good seats.. about six row from the front right in the centre.. The atmosphere was `foggy' (probably sprayed with dry ice) as you can see from the photos..

So how was the show? Well, it was for children alright! When it began, some of us were musing that we couldn't believe we were here watching this!

But don't underestimate the standard of a kid show. Cartoonival was a real colourful and well-done presentation. Beautiful and elaborate set.. cute fluffy cartoon characters.. and yeah, they were so adorable - especially the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter! Sure, there were lots of singing and dancing and prancing on stage.. but it was actually a musical with a (simple) storyline too.. it sorta grew on you.. and then there were a lot of interaction with the audience. You can see all the kids were having a whale of the time..seeing their favourite cartoon characters come to live!!

So, at the end of it.. I think all of us - kids and adults alike - had enjoyed ourselves! And I was thinking how much more I would have loved it if I were a kid!

Yep, it was definitely more entertaining than Grease the Musical (which was staged at the same venue just a couple of weeks ago) ! :p

p.s. Thanks Pat & Yvonne for the ticket, and Eric & Fiona for the dinner :)


eyeris said...

I can actually name every single one of the characters, sing their theme songs, AND quote their catchphrases as well...

That's how much time I spend watching cartoon network... haha

jesscet said...

ha, show off! :p but they are cute aren't they. now we know you're a big kiddo. hehehe

Anonymous said...

If only there were here in HK. Both Ed and Sean are great fans. Alexis is also watching because of her brothers. I would prefer them watching Disney Channel though, but Edgar has kind of grown out of it. Pls can you ask Yvonne to inform me when they are doing this in HK, and best still if she can manage to get tickets for us. I will buy her big lunch!


jesscet said...

if i'm not mistaken, it's a world tour and it should eventually be staged in HK! ok, will ask pat to ask yvonne to inform u. The kids would love it!

hmm.. wondering why there're no comments from those aunties who went! (sent them link to my blog already :p)