Sunday, June 25, 2006

Jojo Turns 3!


In just a few minutes time, our beloved `Monster Jojo' will be three!

He was the first dog we have since moving to this new place, and since our last dog Chubby - a fluffy German Spitz died in 1997.

I invested a lot on Jojo - time, energy, money.. he even completed the basic obedience course from MKA. But I feel kinda bad cause I think I've sorta neglected him a little when Jelly arrived.. Especially now that he has become an outdoor dog while Jelly stays indoor most time.

Compared to Jelly, Jojo is less feisty. However, he is `destructive' in the sense that he is SOOO oral - a trait of Golden Retriever I guess. He still chews on slippers and other things he wants to. He is still disobedient to certain extent and very stubborn in his nature. But at the same time, very manja.

Time flies.. he's a big boy now and I hope he will live happy and healthy for the remaining years with us.

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