Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Good and the Bad of World Cup

I am taking a break from my hiatus - if there is such a thing. Still very very busy but since it's Sunday after all, and before the starting of another crazy week, I shall just blog!

I have been thinking of posting on the topic of (what else but) World Cup - which I have been enjoying tremendously so far although only managed to catch less than half the games played.

I bet some people out there, especially certain species of the opposite sex, are wondering how football can appeal to women. Well, i also know of some women who really couldn't give a hoot about WC and even laugh at what is so great watching `22 grown men chasing one ball for 90 minutes'!

As a WC fan, though not a true blue football fan per se, let me give you a list of reasons Why World Cup is the GREATEST game on earth. Of course, these are just my humble, personal opinions. ;)
  • Football IS exciting when it is played by top worldclass players representing the greatest football nations of the world.
  • You get to root for your favaourite countries/teams in a highly competitive environment that sees them go through qualifying rounds beofre making it into the WC final 32 ; and then battling their way (if they get thus far) into the 2nd round, quarter-final, semi-final and final.
  • Each match is unique - some much faster in pace or more ruthless, some many goals scored and some goals are hard to come by - you can watch three games in a row and they're ALWAYS different
  • It's like watching a soap opera - as the matches have all kinds of drama from scoring a OG (own goal) to players being sent off to penalty kicks awarded and painful injuries.
  • But, it is also a purposeful, highly disciplined game, motinored by strict referees, linesmen and the players must adhere to 1001 rules and regulations.
  • I just love to see the different outburst of expressions and celebrations when a player score a goal! Such a delirium!
  • There is this sense of nationalism - how players from different clubs around the world are playing for their own nation for patriotism (and some money too of course) and no longer the clubs which pay them millions.
  • The players - we see the display of exceptionally talented skills and the comradeship shared on the pitch. And...I must admit that it is a perk when there are some good-looking, and well-toned players for us to feast our eyes on as well. ;)
  • World Cup unites nations of the world - it transcends political and social boundaries and even political enermies have come together. People are brought together whether it is the teams and spectatles at the live matches in Germany or those watching on big screens and televisions all around the globe!
  • World Cup fever is infectious and everyone talks about it! It is more precious because it comes only once every four years!
To be fair, I thought I should also list down the bad side of World Cup - and I think most people have some clue on this area.
  • It is energy consuming and sleep disturbing, especially when in countries like Malaysia, the matches are played in the wee hours of the morning!
  • As a result, our work productivity may be affected.
  • Sometimes the matches may turn a bit ugly and violent (but so are movies and a fact of life)
  • Watching WC may result in disharmony within family (if one or two persons are die-hard fan and others are not) and also causing noise pollutions to others
  • Bookies will be laughing to the bank but betting and gambling are actually illegal and cause many to lose money.

Those are all I can think of now. By looking at the list, the PROs outweigh the CONs!!

So the verdict is .. World Cup still rules! Long live the beautiful game!! ;)

p.s. feel free to add on to the list of Good and Bad ...


littleguykitchen said...

world cup now has been played not as before. i din really like football nowadays as its more of a war than a true spirit of sportsmanship.

btw, ur blog template really need some housekeeping ;) hmm... perhaps ur doggies messed it up eh... bad doggies :lolz

jesscet said...

I watch the World Cup games for entertaining value i guess.. but mayb u have a point there..

As to my blog template..yes, if u're using firefox, it looks out of aligment and i don't know how to rectify it! it began beautifully on OE, but i changed to firefox and added more stuff along the way.. anyone knows how to solve the problem?

p.s. my doggies are not to be blamed! :p

littleguykitchen said...

hmm.. ur right. it does looks fine on IE. well as long it's readable. ;)

jesscet said...

oops i meant I.E. of course and not O.E. :p thanks for returning to my blog again! :)