Friday, June 02, 2006

Musing over `The Bachelor'

Would you compete for love for all to see? put yourself up alongside a group of the same sex to get the attention, affection and ultimately the wedding ring of a eligible opposite sex?

Am not a TV person but I chanced upon `The Bachelor' reality show over 8TV last week.. it was kinda interesting and I followed up the next episode just now. Was even having sms exchanges and commentaries with my colleague Terrina - we were guessing which two girls would be dropped! (and both of us only got half right)

But this program is just a bit weird to me.. I mean I could accept reality talent shows and those gruelling tests such as Survivor or Lost or even the heart-stopping Fear Factor. But pitting yourself for love and marraige is something else..

Maybe I'm conservative but can love be found over television reality show? when you're watched by millions and something so private and sacred (well, may no more in today's world) is reduced to just a race in a show.

And it's quite pathetic that a group of attractive, charming and smart women who seem to have it all would want to subject themselves to be selected like commodity. Ok, they probably get paid well and there seem to be nothing to lose but everything to gain.. imagine, getting yourself hitched to a good-looking, filthy rich guy who also appears to have the personality to boost.

I don't know how much of the show is scripted but from what I have seen from just two episodes.. emotions run high - there are jealousy, bitching, rivalry and ultimately heartaches and tears..

I know `The Bachelor' is not the first such show. I can recall this program (forgot the name now) when a woman got married to a millionaire but their marriage lasted like less than a month!

Call me cynical but I really wonder at the end when Andrew (the cute, rich bachelor) finds his bride, will they live happily-ever-after...

Ok, maybe I shouldn't even bother to read too much into it. After all, it's just another reality show that is made for profit and viewership. So, entertaining it sure is. I might not `approve' of it but I must admit I still like to watch and see which girl is dropped next week.

Haha, the irony of reality show...and the irony of viewers like me.

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