Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More and More Owl-like

Am waiting for the England vs Sweden game to start... and what else to do but sit in front of my beloved p.c.? Have been checking/replying/tidying my three email accounts.. the most tedious being the work one. All sorts of emails come in there.

Have been sleeping at 5am three days in a row now! It even sounds a bit crazy to myself.. but giving myself the excuse that World Cup only comes once in four years.. so what's sacrificing a bit of sleep? Thank God I have such flexible work hours..

But I know this is not good for me who is already living an owl-like lifestyle.. habit is hard to break and when the WC is over, I might be sleeping even later!

Enough about sleep.. there are a few things in a mind since last few days.. Work related. It's quite a long story.. it involves some major decisions and shifting out of comfort zone, putting purpose before pleasure.. and most of all for God to open new doors.

At this late hours or rather early hours in the morning, I won't want to talk about it in details.. but suffice to say I'm not happy with the direction the paper is going.. it sucks (sorry can't be too loyal here) So, I am seriously considering to make a change, a transfer to somewhere else but not too far away. No, not quitting, since I already missed the VSS! (but that's beside the point also)

Will write more about this when things are actually happening...

Meanwhile, besides World Cup fever, am looking forward to the wedding of a dear friend and (former) fellow blogger this weekend! That will be a joyful occassion that I would like to blog about. :)

Time to rest a little before concentrating on the match. It will be nail-biting stuff as both are old foes and England had not been playing well against Sweden from WC history.. yes, i want England win of course.. after all, have spent a few years in that quite incredible (though not without it woes) country.

Oh, and there are Beckham, Owen and few other cute players.. haha, i mean good players of course. But Rooney reminds me a bit of Paul Gascoine of Italy 90 fame. A bit of a hooligan sort though its undeniable he has skills!

But England is not my favourite. I am all behind ARGENTINA!! Call it loyalty or blind passion.. I've been supporting the Argies ever since I first saw how the incomparable Maradona led the country to victory in Mexico 86. That was also my first ever World Cup. Time sure flies... but my ardent devotion to the Argentina World Cup team has never changed.

Yeah, I'm such a loyal person.. no wonder my favourite animal is dogs... they are the most loyal and devoted friends one can have. And i have two! :)

Update at half time: Yippee! England leading! Such an exhilarating game.. poor Owen got injured right at the start of the game. but we found another star - Joe Cole the unstoppable!


Keropok said...

Wandered into your blog. GO ARGENTINA!!!

England suck, dude... The commentator mentioned mid-way through the 2nd half that on this performance England must surely be in contention. Err... for what cup?

Sweden should have won it, and if not for Gerrard’s off-the-line clearance and that goal, probably would have. And Im a Man Utd fan, for crying out loud!

In any other team, players like Lampard, Crouch (a really bad joke), Ashley Cole, Owen and Beckham wouldn’t even be in contention as a sub, but not England.

Sven Goran “1st half good, 2nd half not so good” Eriksson’s shortcomings as a coach will be painfully clear in the 2nd round. England will be found out.

Somebody please put us out of our misery, dammit!

jesscet said...

keropok: hi! glad to know someone supporting the ARGIES too! Brazil is overrated this time huh?

As for England, yeah well, they didn't play well in 2nd half but i feel they deserve to draw Sweden. come on, the Scandanavian side have always beaten or draw England in the many years of WC. England seems jinx against the Swedes.. Nevertheless both sides are through!

Went to your's all about football! Cool! btw, i'm not a `dude' haha but i am into football conversation these days.

Lim Chang Moh said...

Hi Jesscet,
I am not a football fan per se. I only watch once in 4 years during the World Cup and the few teams that impressed me are Brazil, Argentina and England.
I like watching England play because they are so methodical and gentlemanly. Used to like Rooney and Becks but now my new hero is Crouch, aka Crouching Tiger. Hope they get into the Semis.

jesscet said...

Crouch? but i think Joe Cole is the man of that match!

Ok, so England is thru too and we can expect more exciting matches to come! ;)