Saturday, June 07, 2008

How time flies - Jelly turns 4!

Today is a public holiday - it's the official birthday of our King or Yang Di Pertuan Agong. AND... it also happens to be the birthday of my beloved Jelly! She turns four today!

How time flies! This blog - which started off as a doggie blog of my two Js (Jojo & Jelly) but then evolved to a personal blog - would not leave out their birthday posts of course. You can see how Jelly looked like when she was two and three. And here's a dedication to her on her 1st birthday but somehow I didn't put any pix then!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JELLY!! You could see how she has grown - especially side ways! :p

This is how she looks like this morning - still a sleepy head . She has a weird habit of waking up at 6-7am and is active till about 9am and then sleeps again- usually in my room till noon!

For her dinner tonight, I gave her a treat - added in some yummy meat chunks to her normal dry meal.. and she loved it!! Included also a close-up of her yummy meal :p

Of course, I won't leave out poor Jojo who is still nursing a wounded tail.. But with his big-size E-collar on, he does look quite amusing while having his yummy meal..

Hopefully by Jojo's birthday later this month, his tail would have healed and he would be back to normal..


lainey said...

birthday hug for jelly *hugs*

jesscet said...

jelly says thanks - *woof!*

Mei Leng said...

both of your dogs are so adorable!jelly is such a pretty little doggie! :) very sorry to hear about jojo but looks like the healing process is going smoothly!

jesscet said...

thanks mei leng! yeah Jojo is much better already. :)