Monday, June 16, 2008

pop-over at HOT's 100th issue party!

Last Wednesday, HOT Magazine - one of the publications I contribute to - threw a big bash to celebrate their 100th issue!

I wasn't sure whether I could make it at first - since that evening I also had choir practice. But after knowing that they would start at 7pm, I thought I would just pop by for a short while. But I wasn't really dressed for the occasion..

The party took up the whole of Pulse at Grand Millennium Hotel. The only faces I recognised there were the pretty and hot lasses from the Hot Potato (publisher of Hot and Hello!) - look how hot and sexy they looked and how casual and `out' I was!

Then not long after, I saw Kimberlycun the blogger and Shaolin Tiger walking in - have been reading their blogs but first time meeting them! So I made myself know and found the smart `Narcissist' to be a real sweet girl.. and she asked to take photos with me - and even do a plug on her famous blog. ;)

Then all is forgotten about taking more photos as I got distracted by the various interesting cocktails as I bumped into some old friends from the media circle. Busy sipping and munching on the very slow moving finger food, I realised I was already late for my choir practice. So yeah, I missed the more interesting part of the evening!

But after that, I also had a good time singing at Cantus Musicus practice - so much more to learn and our final performance at the German Ambassador's house will be this coming Saturday!

And like our last concert there, that means more alcohol and food!! *hics* ;)

disclaimer: lest you think that I'm an alcoholic, well, just says I enjoy my drinks and I hold them well.. (thanks to my grandfather's genes, i don't get drunk easily!)

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