Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's a DOG's life!

The problem now has shifted - from Jojo's tail to Jelly's ear..!!

We didn't know that Jojo's stitches had already come off! The vet said now we just need to just apply iodine once a day to the wound.. and yes, still need to wear his e-collar (which is too small for him actually) and the muzzle.. but other than that, he is doing fine!

I also brought Jelly along to the vet because her left ear canal has been getting more and more dirty, despite cleaning it everyday! I suspected she might have ear might or yeast..

So it's confirmed.. and even more serious that I thought! The vet said her ear canal has an infection and really needs to clean it. But it would be too painful for Jelly and she also could not stay still so the vet needs to put her on under anesthetic to do that!

Poor Jelly.. already she was put under G.A. last year when she had a swollen ear! It's quite strange cos we cleaned both dog's ears together with the same stuff and yet only Jelly developed that infection.. but yeah Jojo had his poor accident too.

As she could not bathe for at least 3 days after the cleaning, I decided I will bring her for grooming first today and then back to the Vet tomorrow.. And hopefully she will recover well enough for her birthday!

Yeah, Jelly turns four this Saturday - June 7th. Whereas Jojo will be five on June 26th.


eelynn said...

poor jelly... hugs for her too.

jesscet said...

thanks! both Jojo & Jelly appreciate it! and thank God they're much better now :)