Monday, June 02, 2008

My poor pathetic Jojo - and it's my fault!! :(

This is how Jojo looks like these days.

It's not enough just to let him wear the E-collar because he mouth could still reach his tail end!

And believe it or not, since his tail amputation operation 12 days ago, we had gone back to the Vet twice for re-bandage and to bandage it DIY many times since - sometimes even twice a day!

It's really like a battle to bandage his tail. Because his wound is still raw and it must be pretty painful. Jojo would struggle and not allow us to do it so each time it takes at least three of us, sometimes four of us to hold him and keep him still..

Some of us even got scratched and kicked by Jojo and sustained bruises..

He is also more manja and I let him sleep inside the house..

The Vet had said remove the stitches tomorrow (Tues) but looking at his condition, the tail end looks still raw. I think we would need to wait another few days.

The delay in healing also means Jojo is getting more smelly...

Poor poor thing - I'll be making up to him. :((

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Carmen and Kim Kee said...

oh dear, poor Jojo, how I wish I could pad him now. So, what u plan to do to make up to him?