Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birthday boy with an amputated tail!

Happy 5th Birthday to my Jojo Darling! :)

Time flies.. Jojo turns five-year-old today!!

Thank God his tail has healed quite well and he has not been wearing e-collar for three days already. So he is back to normal except there's some cosmetic defect at his tail end.. no thanks to bad mommy.. (background story here)

He has been very happy the last few days but don't know why i could not get him to smile for camera today! He was in a melancholic mood so far...hmmm.. does he know he's getting older and resents it? Or he doesn't like how his tail looks like on his birthday? :p

Anyways, here are pix fresh out of the oven - taken after lunch today - showing the pensive and manja side of Jojo..and a bit of Jelly.

My maid wants to clean Jelly's ears but Jojo gets jealous and all manja!

Jojo's tail at the moment..

and now, the best pix of the lot...
the two Js' back sides!!! ;D


HL said...

awww.. jojo looks so miserable in these pictures! wonder why... hope he cheers up soon! happy birthday jojo!

jesscet said...

hl: yeah, he does look sad.. but cheers up a bit in the evening. my dad and me think it's because of the smell of paint - dad did some painting in the morning and Jojo's nose is extremely sensitive!

thanks for the greetings and Jojo says `woof'! ;)