Monday, June 30, 2008

a fortnight of suffering to be followed by five days of bliss..

In Chinese there is a saying that is roughly translated to `suffering precedes bliss'. And that's the mindset I'm holding onto now.

I REALLY don't know how I'm going to finish all my stories in the next fortnight.. but by hook and by crook I just have to! I admitted I have been distracted by many things in the last couple of weeks and have not been productive although i seem to be `working' quite a lot!

And it didn't help that I've gotten some rather tricky and `problematic' assignments - that require LOTS of planning and coordinating. Ok, I think I did mention it in earlier post..

Normally I don't really pray about my work unless it's like major things but now I really need some divine intervention for I still have problem even starting one major story.. nor getting all the stories in from interviewees..

But like they say.. at the end of the tunnel is light. Yeah, have prebooked a holiday since March - I'll be going to Krabi, Thailand from July 14-18! I love the sea and the beach, so really looking forward to visit Phi Phi island and the others.. And I am NOT bringing any work with me. Anyway, out of the five deadlines, only one can be stretch till later part of July. But I still have to do the bulk of it first..

So, instead of tearing my hair and wallow in self-pity.. I just have to grit my teeth and be focussed. Real focussed and disciplined from today onwards. After all, I'm having my last `fling' watching Spain vs Germany in Euro 2008 Final in about two hours time.

And pls be my witness as I vouch to NOT waste any more time doing leisure stuff like Facebooking, reading blogs and even writing my blog in the next two weeks. These are the things that have taken most of my real work time.

Till then..


Jelly Bean Babe said...

sun, sea, sand and beach in thailand = well ... you know the answer :) Have a great time in Krabi !

jesscet said...

thanks! I'm sure I will.. and thanks again for the long email on Krabi! ;)

Jelly Bean Babe said...

You are welcome :) Hugs to Jojo and Jelly