Monday, July 07, 2008

just a crappy update..and my crappy eye

I missed my blog - or rather, I missed blogging. Thought I'm really quite sick of my assignments - it's all together a different thing when you write for yourself..

At the moment, I really don't feel like doing any work - at least I've met three deadlines successfully and two more to go - with one being later in the month. Actually now I just took on another short and relatively easy one! sigh.. no break.. besides my 5 days holiday!!

Speaking of my holiday to Krabi.. I'm definitely and very much looking forward to it.. but my eye has let me down! :( Ok, I shouldn't make a big deal out of it since the eye specialist I saw today said it's nothing serious - just some sort of inflammation in my left eye. But the fact remain that I can't wear contact lenses! Just imagine - going to a beach resort, with swimming and snorkeling activities high up on the list. I am practically blind without glasses or lenses!

This irritation and red-eye problem in my left eye had been nagging me for a month now! It all started when I went for a facial with Clinique - well, it's free and a basic one cos I bought some lipsticks for my mom. Despite asking the beauty therapist to be careful cos i had my contacts on, she practically put soap and rubbed across the edge of my left eye! It felt kinda funny already but it wasn't so bad so I didn't make a deal at all. But the next day, my left eye got redder and redder as I was still wearing contacts. So from then on, I laid off contacts for a few days but every time I thought it was ok to wear contacts again, the redness reappeared! This pattern just went on - I already had laid off contacts for a stretch of a week but it just didn't heal.. Until yesterday I went back to my optometrist and he advised me to see a eye doctor.

The doctor examined my eye quite thoroughly and went ahead to prescribe two types of eye drops for me. And after hearing my `plight', the doctor actually said if I really want it, I could wear a daily disposable contact lens just for swimming and snorkelling. From now till my trip, I definitely can't wear contacts and also need to put eye drops 3-4 times a day. And hopefully, the eye will recover well enough..

Sigh, I really really hope so. I should have gone to see a doctor earlier in hind sight. Oh well.. better late than never i guess.

Can't believe we're well into July - second half of the year.. I don't even have time to do a half-year reflection being so occupied by my assignments. Guess I shouldn't complain.. it's better to be busy and have things to do (ie. earning some money) than being relaxed but idle and unproductive.

So I still have to strive on and hopefully have more exciting things to blog about soon. (actually the week has been quite happening - work related or other wise but just have no mood and time to blog about it..)

Pardon this other crappy and self-indulgent post.. but as I say, I missed my blog! Till the next (hopefully interesting) post.


polytikus said...

i just got back from tioman and was bummed that i couldn't snorkel cos i swear specs and my eyes are too sensitive for contacts :( options are to maybe get a pair of powered goggles? :) could be the best investment ever :)

all else i hope the eye gets better :)

jesscet said...

polytikus: oh poor you. yeah, i am considering the powered goggles for snorkeling..hope they're not too expensive. thanks, i also hope the eye will be back to normal.. but somehow I detest wearing glasses less now as long as I don't need to do sports :p

Carmen and Kim Kee said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about your eye infections and the inconvenience it causes to your coming holidays.

Will pray for your recovery. You can get the custom goggles with powered lens from departmental stores.

Enjoy your holidays :)

jesscet said...

cK: thanks for your concerns and prayers. yeah, will be checking out the goggles soon. :)