Monday, July 21, 2008

Have feet will travel!

Must confess I stole this idea (my feet and the sea) from jellybeanbabe, who was so helpful to give me some useful tips on Krabi as she went last year!

These are just some of the hundreds of shots I took on the trip - where we went island hopping to Phi Phi islands and the Four islands - which names to me were just quite complicated :p

The sea was beautiful but alas the weather wasn't.. nevertheless for someone who adores the sea, it's worth the visit. The only slight disappointment is how Maya Beach (where The Beach was shot) had become over commercialised - too many boats and there were quite a lot of garbage being washed off shore!

More pix and write-up to follow..


Carmen and Kim Kee said...

Ooh...I like your 'feety' photos, something different and stunning!

Chipmunkrock said...

i could never do something like this - i hate pics of my feet!

jesscet said...

carmen: thanks, but i `stole' the idea.. hehe

chipmunkrock: really? well, not that i love my feet but it's better than taking pix of my face by myself!! :p