Saturday, July 12, 2008

Unexpected mental disorder

I was halfway writing a post yesterday but I just could not finish it.. it's too tiring and in a way depressing.

I was describing in detail what we went through - me and dad- in dealing with our maid who has suddenly had a psychotic relapse.

But it's just too long and tiring even for me to write.. as I've already told my sister and a few friends of it.. To cut a long story short, my maid, who has been working with us for one-and-a-half year, had a mental disorder relapse - and very serious too.

Apparently she couldn't sleep for a few days but we didn't know. And on Thursday she started behaving weird and very emotional - kneeling and begging mom and dad for forgiveness for no reason. Yesterday morning, I came down finding her kowtowing on the kitchen floor!! Dad and I decided must bring her to see a psychiatrist, on the way, she even attempted to open the car door on the highway!

The most stressful time was how she did not corporate and created a spectacle at the roadside - kneeling down and crying and resisting to even move into the car which was double-parked a few meters away - for 15 mins or so until she calmed down a bit and the doctor came down to coo her..

We spent the next four hours or so in the hospital - waiting for doctor to see her, gave her a jab and then finally got her admitted to the psychiatric ward. Poor girl was exhausted but yet still emotional and unstable. She would be praying out loud or crying.. and not responding to anything we told her..

Even when we left, she was still sobbing and asking for forgiveness (again)..

I felt physically and emotionally very tired.. she has been a very nice, mild-mannered girl who is hardworking and conscientious of her work. I like her a lot. And was glad she was going to renew a year of contract with us..

And then suddenly this happened to her.

Today we went to visit her in the afternoon. She was much more stable but looked very sedated due to the psychotic drugs that were given to her. She asked to go home but we told her she needed to rest in the hospital. And so far only the M.O. had saw her.. and they still have to monitor and check her condition before knowing what to proceed next.

I felt sad thinking of her future.. cos what happened yesterday was pretty severe and we know mental disorder is not curable in a short time.. relapses are very probable and she probably has to be on long term medication.

We may not be able to hire her as she may not be fit to work.. and most likely she would be sent back to her hometown in Indonesia - a village that does not have proper psychiatric health care too.

I hope and pray that at least for now, she would be treated well and recover well.. and that her condition is not so serious and she could lead a normal life like before.

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