Sunday, July 13, 2008

Krabi calling...

Read this in a site called `Krabi-Beach-Lover dot com:

"If your idea of paradise is a pristine, tranquil tropical island with swaying coconut trees, pure white beaches and brilliant turquoise lagoons, then Krabi will not disappoint you.

white krabi beach

"The Sun, Sea and Sand" this would be what you will always see when you are in Krabi. Lot's of sunshine, crystal clear blue sea, soft white sandy beaches...need I say more?"

Now that i've read some sites and seen breath-taking photos of the place, I just hope I won't be disappointed when I arrive in Krabi tomorrow.. (like I wasn't at all when I went to Bali last year)

So, till Friday.. I shall be in enjoying sun, sea and sand in paradise! Krabi.. Phi Phi islands..and other islands I don't remember the name.. Here I come! :))

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