Monday, June 16, 2008

Hopping Hot!!

What a blast!! It's been something like 15 years or so since my last Grasshopper concert.. and now, even though they're already in their 40s, these guys are still hopping hot than ever!

But what really amazed me during their concert in Genting on Saturday night was how passionate the audience were! I have been to many Canto and Mando pop concerts and I could say the response of this Genting crowd was unprecedented! Besides the two planned encores.. after the light came on and announcement that the concert was finished, the audience refused to barge and cheered till Grasshopper came out again.. and it happened again AND again, till my friend and I had to leave the stadium cos it was really late..

Of course, Grasshopper - consists of brothers Calvin and Remus Choy and Edmond So - are known for their hot dance and extravagant showcase. And I tell you, it was quite funny to see their many male fans screaming for them too.. here are three men who are not afraid to flaunt it - with their sexy and rather suggestive dance move! The highlight was when they decided to give their fans eye-candy and stripped off their already skimpy tops - with some teasers thrown in! Just say that they keep themselves fit and toned ;) Remus in fact is a qualified fitness instructor and the most muscular of the trio. So you can imagine the screaming and yelling that came from some very excited fans!

No matter what you think of their style, you have to give it to them for putting up a hyper-energetic and entertaining show. And their stamina was just amazing! The second half of the concert was like a marathon dance showcase with a medley of all their fast songs. And they did not let it stop. And if they're tired, they did no show it... and their vocals were still intact.

They didn't even have to urge the audience but most of them were on their feet clapping and dancing away. I was glad I wasn't right in front because Grasshopper got so high that they kept throwing and splashing water towards the audience.. and they had many bottles and even got their dancers to do that! The atmosphere was sizzling hot - even non-fans like me and my friend thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I was slightly disappointed that our seats were way up but it also gave an interesting perspective of the whole stadium. Took some photos towards the end of the concert but because of where I was seated, Grasshopper appeared very small, and sometimes blur. But better than nothing I guess..

look carefully above and you can see a topless Grasshopper! :p

The above was one of the photos after the many encores after the whole thing supposedly have ended. So they were singing without any lighting. Some audience had left.. but most wanted more and more. After like two more encores, we were already at the side waiting to leave. But even after we left Arena of Stars at 11pm, we could still hear roars of cheering and yelling.

It was simply crazy..!!

Anyways, since we're on Grasshopper, following are just a few of the photos I took during my interview with Grasshopper last month when they came to promote the concert. They were quite candid and fun to interview.. and when it comes to photography, they are like natural models.. and yeah, they admitted that they're vain!


Carmen and Kim Kee said...

By looking at these pix, we could tell how fast time flies :p Good shots though.

Anonymous said...

oh ya, i remember i covered them in the 80s. time flies....
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