Thursday, June 05, 2008

Steep petrol increase - what a farce!!

I know millions of motorists around the country share the same sentiment as me..

But thought I would just blog for the record - an increase of 78 cent/ litre of petrol over night is really pretty HEFTY! If my memory serves me right.. past increase has never been that drastic.

So.. for me personally, I've changed my car rejoicing that now my 1400cc car would help me to save in petrol price! So instead of say RM93 for full tank for my old car, I pumped a full tank for my new car and it came to RM63! BUT didn't know that it was more a delusion because as of midnight last nite, I would need to fork out RM90 for a full tank for my little new car!! ARGH!! So it's like back to square one?

For the record, petrol price is now RM2.70 per litre - taking in the earning powers of Malaysians I think that is pretty steep!

But of course it was good timing too to change car for a full tank for my RAV4 now with the increase will be RM130!!! This is just absurd!

Speaking of absurdity.. last night the roads were real madness! Already I was stuck in massive jam (quite rare these days but maybe the rain contributed as well) at Mid Valley ring road.. which made me miss my choir practice. But when I headed home about 9pm, the earlier stretch of Connaught Highway was sardine pack and I found out later that it was be because of petrol station pile up! Even on the Grand Saga highway, I could see cars queuing up a few hundred meters spilling onto the highway just to pump up their petrol tanks!

I guess I was kinda fortunate as i already pumped up the night before since my tank was empty. But even then, I wouldn't go through the hassle and patience of queuing easily up to one hour to save maybe RM10 or RM20. It really shows the kiasu mentality of Malaysians too. Don't tell me all of them have empty or near empty tank at the same time?!!

I got even more angry as the road turning into my housing community was also jammed up because about 500 m down that road was a petrol station! At one point I felt like going down to scream at those kiasu motorists..!

Ok, enough ranting. Now we all just have to grit our teeth and bear with the harsh new reality of it all. OR we could all boycott driving and cycle to work! hahaha or if you can make do with the lousy public transports! And that's another story!!


zewt said...

i guess we really have to brace ourselves for things to come...

well... perhaps God has a plan for all of us amidst this...

eelynn said...

my friend told me he had to queue for 2+ hours just to get his turn to pump petrol.


jesscet said...

zewt: yep, God is allowing this to happen as we already know the physical world is decaying and resources getting scarce.. so it's hard time ahead.

p.s. thanks for popping over.. must tell u that u have a very interesting blog! ;)

eelynn: my question is, why did your colleague even want to go through that agony (for himself and contribute to that of others!) just to save that bit of money?

eelynn said...

he had no choice... tank already nearly empty then.

it's those people who still had half tank or so left & who tried to save a few miserable ringgit who are to be blamed for the jam.

sure, there are some bona fide empty tank cases in the queue, but those were not many. mostly were kiasu people who were penny wise, pound foolish.