Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Here!!

About two hours or so after I lamented about my new car being delayed.. I had a pleasant surprise! I got a call telling me that my car was ready!!

Talk about weird timing! :p

I couldn't wait till tomorrow.. since both dad and I had nothing particular to do in the late afternoon, we went to fetch the car from PJ! The friendly sales advisor spent some time going through some of the features and technicalities.. and I got to drive it home.

Yep, I simply LUUURVE my new Nissan March - yeah, it's another cute car! And also quite unique and rare.

Of course Nissan is known for their superb car engine and reliability and quality. But what I love most about this model is the DESIGN! Not just the exterior but the interior is so chic, clean and compact! I love the dashboard and the neatly designed compartments!

Here's a first look at the car - I took these pix as soon as I reach home after a long jam.. as it was already about 7pm, lighting wasn't good..

Jelly and Jojo wer
e both very excited and were sniffing out the car.. Jelly couldn't wait to jump inside and sat at the passenger seat floor (her favourite spot). So she became my very first passenger as I took my new baby for another short drive around the neighbourhood.

Some may wonder why I changed back from using a SUV/4WD to a compact. Actually I would have liked to drive a SUV like my RAV4 but those cars are really quite costly to maintain - high petrol consumption and not mentioning yearly road tax, insurance etc..

With this 1.4Litre car, everything will be more economical.. unless, if *God forbids* I crash something then it won't be cheap to get certain spare parts.. but after what I've done to my old car, I would no doubt be much more careful now!!

For once I'm looking forward to my assignment tomorrow.. :p


maycheah said...

What a beauty :)

jesscet said...

tks! hehe she looks more beautiful in real life cos my photos weren't that good! ;)

HL said...

No kangaroo bar? ;)

Jelly - so cute! - endorses the car better than any model ever could! :D

jesscet said...

kangaroo bar would look out of place here me think! :p

Yeah ain't she cute..:) just now so funny she almost got stuck cos the car seat was quite in front! but was comfy once she settled in..

Carmen and Kim Kee said...

hey, what about Jojo getting a ride with your beauty? :p

jesscet said...

Will be taking him to remove stitches tomorrow! the thing is he's not so into car rides like Jelly! once he got car sick! :p