Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jojo after losing his tail tip..

Jojo went through a tail amputation - so officially, he had lost the tip of his tail. :(

Thankfully, by this evening, he was ready to be discharged and now he is already home resting. For 10 days, he has to wear the e-collar for the wound to heal and then on June 1, I would need to bring him back to the Vet to remove the stitches.

Four of us - dad and mom, my other maid (not the one who accompanied me last nite) and I, visited Jojo and the vet hospital late morning. Jojo was well and awake and when I let him out of the cage, he actually jumped up at me which meant he has enough energy. He looked like his normal self except of course his tail end is gone, and bandaged up.

When we put him back to the cage again with great difficulty, he looked so miserable...

He even cried - well, wailed - when we left.. I think he thought he was being deserted in this horrible place.

Anyway, we had to wait till the same Dr who saw him last night to come in first and he was on afternoon shift. So when I got the clearance over the phone with the Dr, mom and I went to fetch Jojo back home in the evening.

And when he reached home, the first thing he did was pee, and then followed by this.

It's quite comical - in a sadist way - to see his head in an e-collar and the tail bandaged up..but at least he seems to be in good spirit. He was so thirsty and drank a lot. But he didn't eat much..

Oh, I must mention that Jelly seemed to have missed her brother Jojo quite bit! The whole day she was pretty down.. but now back to her normal self again after seeing Jojo home.

Dogs are such deary animals.. Jojo had no vengeance what so ever against me for making him suffer like this (though accidentally but human beings would!) I'm still feeling quite remorseful... so I told myself I would make it up to him.


Erna said...

Poor Jojo...but at least he's back homelah. :)

Well, even parents have been known to accidentally slam doors on children's hands or feet.

I guess you've never had to bring up small children and always making sure doors are closed without trapping small fingers or toes. So just take this as a lesson learned and give lots of Jojo lots of TLC! Heh. Hope his tail heals well.

jesscet said...

thanks erna. yeah.. i was telling my mom, i might kill my own baby if i had one! :/ but yes will be much more careful.. glad that my neighbour also understands!

eelynn said...

jojo looking good there :)

btw, will the tail tip grow back?

jesscet said...

thanks for the compliment eelynn ;) yeah, he still looks good despite an amputated tail! :p

unfortunately i was told the tail tip won't grow back.. but the fur will so one could hardly spot his handicap i think.