Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Saying goodbye, especially a permanent one, is never easy..

Farewell, my good old RAV4 who has served me well for 8 years and 8 months! :(

Today, as in this afternoon, I will be driving her (I like to think it's female) to the car showroom and part with her forever. She was sold on Monday - a trade in for a new car..

Yes, I'm getting a new car. It's already booked and I'm quite ecstatic as it's like a mini dream car come true. BUT at the same time, I feel a tinge of sadness.. no, actually more than a tinge.. to part with my cute little SUV which has been my faithful companion for so long.

The car we bought re-con from Japan in September 1999, was something truly special to me.. and in the years that I've been using her, she has received countless compliments for her `cuteness'.

I know I hadn't been treating her too well.. especially last year where I caused her quite bad injuries - not once, but twice! As documented here, and here in this blog. Because of the first crash, she underwent some cosmetic change. She used to have a handsome kangaroo bar and spot-lights in front (hard to dig old pix..)

Really I was not desperate to get rid of her even though she's pretty old now (1996 model) but it's for practical reason. In the last few months, the poor car had been having permanent illnesses of sort.. I have sent her to workshop and for servicing countless times.. but some teething problems persisted. Yes, she could never be restored to her former glory.. though her exterior is still well maintained as you could see from the pix.

We've been shopping for a new car for a while now and after test driving a few, I've found the one! So, there is no longer any reasons to keep her. I can't afford having two cars!

I remember parting with my first car - a Mazda 323 (Familiar) which I used since I started work in late 1991. That time somehow I never felt any sadness, cos the joy of owning a more superior SUV was just overwhelming. Or maybe I never really loved the Mazda that much..

Now, I also of course love my new car (which identity i shall keep it a suspense first) I will only be getting it after I come back from my holiday next week.. or perhaps even later. But since I have grown so attached to my dear RAV4 in these 8 years and 8 months, hence this post to commemorate the farewell..

Bye-bye, my dear car.. I hope you find a nice new owner who appreciates you as much as I did. So sorry for causing you accidents.. you know I didn't mean it.

p.s. gosh, it's one thing talking to my dogs but now I'm talking to a car? :p


Kian Ming said...

Sorry to hear that you have to get rid of your RAV4. She's been through a lot with you. What's the new car?

Ling said...

Apparently French treat cars as females! Know how it feels like to bid farewell to the car that have been your best companion all this while! Congarts on ur new car!!

viviandance said...

If it makes you feel better, I name my car and pet it after I give it a good old wash :P . Btw, I 'resuscitated' my blog. Do visit sometime.

jesscet said...

KM: yes, she has.. kinda missed her already. as for my new car, won't publicise here as yet. but will tell you if i meet you online, k? ;)

ling: thanks. yeah, somehow car should be female' maybe because men are usually crazy about them? ;)

viv: haha.. ok, i'm not as affectionate as you to cars.. hehe. will check out your blog and all the best in the competition!