Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook - my idol hero!!

I know the whole world - well, at least American Idol fans - is talking about it but I just can't help but also jump onto the bandwagon. At least for tonight.

Yes, David Cook did it!! He rocks till the end.. and a deserving winner too!!

I watched the result show late and managed to keep myself away from the news and Internet till I found it out for myself.. Admitted, it was a very tough American Idol finale - a competition that was of the highest standard and exciting to watch. Little David (Archuleta) rose to the occasion and delivered three solid performances with powerful vocals. Cook was his usual self - he seemed a little tense actually, and risked it a little by choosing songs that were, according to Simon, not really competition material.

Still, his amazing track record had taken him through to the end. Maybe some, like Simon who later apologised to Cook, thought Archuleta was probably the better one during the finale, but the majority of Americans obviously thought Cook deserves the title more. He won by an amazing 12 million votes!

Personally I did think Archuleta sang VERY well, but the problem is, he is only suited singing ballads and as an `idol', he really is still too green. He has LOTS of potential definitely. But Cook, on the other hand, is already a STAR in personification. And although he is more towards the rock genre, he practically could turn any song into his own. And one thing he has a upper over Artchuleta - that is creativity and originality in interpreting songs.

Having said that, even if Archuleta had won, I would be quite happy. Just that he unfortunately faced the toughest opponent. Had he been in another season, maybe he could have won hands down.

So yeah, American Idol Season 7 was a blast. Although I only started following since last season which the finale was nothing compared to this one, I also learned this season was definitely one of the best.

Just hope Season 8 is the same, or even better!?

Oh before I end.. whoever thinks David Cook is cocky better think again.. he might have this `look' on his face (Simon called it smug) that is interpreted as cocky but if you have opened your eyes during the competition.. you can tell he is actually very humble and amiable..

So yeah, congratulations David Cook. I'll definitely buy your album when it's out.

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