Thursday, May 01, 2008

An exciting month of May!

Happy Labour Day!

After staying put at home for the first four months of the year (yes, FOUR months!! - how time has flown by!) I'll be traveling quite a bit in the first half of May..!

This afternoon, I'm flying off to Langkawi for the Wildnerness Langkawi Challenge 2008. Hah, lest you think I'm that adventurous to enter such physically gruelling race, it's actually for work. I'll be doing some write-up for the organiser of the race so that they could provide info for the media that couldn't make it. Yeah, it's over the labour day weekend.

It was quite a last minute thing as I only spoke to the organiser last Friday and only by Monday afternoon the job was confirmed. Although I'm not really a sporty person as such, I see it as a good experience and exposure, plus the fees they agreed to pay me was pretty good too! :)

Oh, besides covering the race, I'll get to meet the winning teams of Amazing Race Asia as well as interview our cute astronaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor - no, not on his space journey on his charitable projects - he'll be there to give motivational talks to some children, and he's published a book for charity.

So yeah.. I'll be away until Sunday and then the following couple days I'll need to finish all my work at hand before going off again next Thursday for a family holiday!

Our trip is to celebrate dad and mom's 40th wedding anniversary! They tied the knot on May 12th, 1968.

The three of us will be going to Macau and stay at the huge and famous Venetian (which looks kinda gaudy but nevertheless fascinating to me) for two nights, before going across the border into the mainland and join my sis and her family at Zhuhai, a coastal town. We'll be spending two nights there at the Ocean Spring Resort - from the little I read, it's another huge theme-park kinda resort which will definitely go down with the kids! For me, both Venetian and this place would be new so there's something to experience. But most importantly, is to spend time with my family :)

Following that, we'll take a ferry back to Hong Kong island for the remaining part of our vacation. I'll be staying with sis while dad and mom will be at a hotel near by. Haven't exactly thought of what to do for just three days in HK this time but I know I want to go eat Krispy Kreme! hehe.. yeah, I'm having this doughnuts craze - last two weeks, I have bought Big Apple and J.Co and they're lovely too.. But I must revisit Krispy Kreme again and perhaps ask HL to bring me since my sis will be working.. :p

I'll restrain my shopping urge this time round (*keeping fingers crossed*) as I'm really very tight and can't afford to shop - and since I have nothing I need to buy anyway..

So I'll be back on May 15 and for the second part of the month, it won't be that fun. There will be lots of deadlines to clear..!


Anonymous said...

wow travelling everywhere. try meeting up with alan tam when you have nothing to do. and just gossip about edison chen. hong kong is not finished with him yet.

jesscet said...

enough of edison chen already! the fact that u mentioned alan tam, u probably know me? why not reveal your name then?

p.s. yeah how i wished i could just `meet up' with him like that! hah

HL said...

I'll take you to the one in Times Square this time. I had a KK last weekend, only ONE, so I'll go on a donut fast until you get here then we can go silly on them again :)

Ya, you always say the same thing about shopping when you come to HK! But didn't you do rather well the last time? I forget already...

jesscet said...

hl: grear! looking forward to KK! hehe. shopping? I must do even better than last Nov (well, i did buy a phone then!) so will try not to linger at all the shopping districts!

btw, think we're most definitely coming for holiday as grandma is stable. Praise God :)

HL said...

Thank God about your grandma :)

Since you're arriving in HK on a Sunday, again you won't be able to visit our church, what a pity!

The rooms at the Venetian are really spacious and well-equipped - I'm sure you will enjoy your stay :D Lotsa shops too! Be sure to use Macau $ to pay although you can use (and they would willingly accept) HKD...

jesscet said...

yeah too bad weekend already reserved for Zhuhai to accommodate sis and bro-in-law. i'm arriving in HK on Mon and leaving Thurs. will give u a call on Mon evening. :)

oh i never used Macau $ before! why better to use their currency? is the value smaller than HKD?