Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Carless still

I miss my car!!

It's actually two fold. While eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new car - which has been delayed due to some documentation problem, I suddenly have this sentimental feeling of my old car.

To think of it, maybe we've made the wrong move. I should have only delivered my old car in when my new car arrives - after all, we traded in to the same car company!

Well, too late.. the last I inquired after I came back from my holiday, my car has been sold to a used car dealer already. A friend even said he saw it on the road some time back..

I was not unused to sharing car with mom - especially the time when my poor car was in the workshop for like a month (twice actually!) But not having your own car at your disposal still sucks.. it's inconvenient not just for myself but also mom who then also needs to arrange with dad.. So it affects all three of us. And like now, I am just stuck at home.. though I know I'm supposed to be working.

Anyway.. the car company has promised to lend me a car tomorrow if the new car is not ready.. but i hope i won't need to be using that car (whatever it is) for long..

Yeah, just hope I will rightfully be having my new car very soon!!

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