Monday, April 28, 2008

Chronicle of an Untypical Happening Sunday

Oh.. how I missed my room, my PC and my bed!

Have been out 12 hours and covered so many places and did many things - all on another sweltering hot day with me not in such good physical condition too..

It's not normally my thing to do this but since it's a pretty untypical Sunday, I thought I should just jot down what happened in brief - just for the fun of it! :p

10:20am - leave home to pick up May from Bangsar to go to church

11:ooam - arrive at church and attend service with a very interesting sermon on finance.

12:35am - service over, say hi to some friends and then leave.

1:00pm - lunch at a coffee shop in Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

1:30pm - walk to nearby pharmacy to get medicines and vitamins.

1:45pm - buy fruits at the stall nearby

2:00pm - decide to check out the Bijou Bazaar at the new Jeumpa D'ramo (a swanky boutique hotel) along Jln Maarof. However, it is rather quiet and not that many stalls and merchandise.

2:30pm - back to May's apartment and take a rest there.

3:20pm - say bye to May, leave for assignment at Park Royal Hotel - on the way, pump petrol.

3:50pm - reach the hotel. Interview Jolin Tsai and director Wu Nien Chen who are the Taiwan's tourism ambassadors. Sorry have to add that Jolin is probably one of the most bland and stuck up artistes I've ever met! (This is the 2nd time I talk to her so confirms it) The interview lasts 11 minutes!

4:10pm - wondering where to go and kill time before the Cantus Musicus rehearsal at 5:30pm

4:15pm - find myself at Pavillion! Happy happy do some shopping - buy a pair of black pants and eye cream - both are necessities!

5:30pm - reach 16, Jalan Kiaping - the Germen Ambassador's residence -where we are going to perform to his guests on Wednesday night together with the High Wind ensemble - it's called `Voices in the Wind' (more on that later!) So it's rehearsal time.

7:30pm - rehearsal ends. Leaves the mansion to join parents and uncles and aunts for dinner in Cheras.

8pm - reach Eight Treasures restaurant at Connaught after a slow drive. Wait for the rest to come.

8:20pm - all arrive and have a sumptuous dinner of homecooked-style food!

9:50pm - buy some breads from bakery nearby

10:00pm - drive home with dad as company (to check my car) and on the way, drop by ATM and am happy to see another payment is in!

10:10pm - reach home. Play a while with the two Js.

10:30pm - room sweet room. Check emails, blog, shower, read etc... (ok, can spare you the details now!! :p)

Gosh, that's quite a lot of things I did in one day.. definitely not a typical lazy Sunday!

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