Sunday, April 27, 2008

The things we eat - well, I did!

I went for a Christian Cantonese musical on Saturday night with Evonne. It was a full-house affair and since my car was stuck at the carpark as every vehicles were trying to get out through one small exit, I decided that instead of waiting and wasting time in the car, why not we go for supper at this place which is famed for its Hokkien Mee. It's just a stone throw away from PGRM building where the show was held.

Well, it was dad who introduced the place, curiously called `mou jiu pai' (No Name/Label) to me and I have been there a few times, always supper with dad and mom. We usually had to wait for a long time before our food arrives because only one person is frying with one wok at a time! I remember once we waited more than 30 mins.

But this time since both of us were quite hungry, I decided to take a chance and just eat there. Sure enough, the place was packed (half of the patrons were audience of the show) and about 90 per cent of them were waiting for their food! At least we got a table so we just sat down and order. I pre-warned Evonne that we have to wait at least half an hour for the food to come.

But guess how long we waited? It was ridiculous and I was really losing my patience already! We were sitting at the rundown hawker in a side lane for 50 minutes before we could have our supper! It was also sweltering hot and I was wearing long sleeves. Plus I was not really feeling that well.. To be honest, when the food came, I wasn't really in the mood already. But still we finished it la - cos we were hungry and we waited so long! And it took us less than 20 minutes to consume our food..

Tell me, would you wait 50 minutes for these two dishes? (for the uninitiated, the top dish is the famed Hokkien mee (plus a few strand of mee hoon) and the bottom one is `loh mee'.

Well, I told myself I would never go there and eat again unless the place is empty. But that is quite unlikely. It just goes to show how Malaysians will go out of the way for the food they like!


Looks like I'm jinxed by this `Black Week'! On Thursday, I suffered a whole day of headache and then on Friday I was having such heavy head and stuffy nose that I felt I was coming down with a flu.

Mom heard of my complain and was so sweet to get some Chinese medicine for me from the shop down the road. It came in the form of medicine power. Actually I have taken the same thing in the past and it did work to a certain extent.

So that's what I've been taking in the last two days.

Looks quite yucky right? In case you're curious what it taste like.. to me it smells and tastes very much like `yun nan bai yau' (a type of Chinese powder medicine which you apply for wounds and cuts) It also resembles some `tit tar' medicine smell.. bitter and `kam' at the same time.

For someone who's used to Chinese herbs and medicine since young, it's quite bearable actually. But I find it so amusing when I let my Indon maid have a smell, she reacted in such a repugnant manner that as if I was eating cockroach droppings or something!!

Oh well, the two-day course is completed and I'm not fully recovered. So now I'm back to Western medicine and LOADS of vitamins!!

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Anonymous said...

05 May 2008
Hi since you are waiting for me to leave you a comment so now i decided to leave simply because today only i have time to online yo...
Emmm...interesting ya the food we are actually waited 50min just because that 2 bowl of mee....ya!is actually nice and yummy but if i could show this picture... hehehe i don't think you will go there and eat lo...
But sometimes i will wait for the food provided that the service is good too but honestly say that the people there it seem they doesn care...( in chinese say "wah chi lei yau chin sau jau ta la" ) hehehe.