Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Jelly has put on weight again!!

She now weighs a whopping 15.6kg! Every time she visits the vet, her weight would increase.. the last time when she went for vaccination end of last year, she was 14kg.

I blame it on mom, she just loves to feed the dogs with whatever leftover meat we have - usually those in the soup. Ok to be fair, I'm also partly responsible as I am so used to giving my dogs snacks.. although I try to limit it to just a few pieces a day.

Everyone who sees Jelly would exclaim on how `fat' or `big' she is! Indeed, I have never seen another miniature schnauzer of her size too.. although the other day I brought her to a pet shop and the shopkeeper said he just saw a schnauzer that is so fat that he can only walk and can't even run!

Anyway, Jelly IS overweight, although she can be considered `large frame'. Jelly's fat can be due to two main factors. Firstly, she is spayed and the side effect is easily gaining weight. Secondly, she is forever hungry! She has such a good appetite... For her health sake, I need to put her on a diet, and I must get the cooperation of the whole family, especially mom!


Anonymous said...

hi i would love to be your pet dog, always eating. i eat and eat but never grow fat. john t

jesscet said...

Hahaha.. maybe jelly would like to be you.. eat and eat and never get fat! :p