Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Extra `Special' Effect for Three Kingdoms

I couldn't believe GSC could do this to its audience!!

I hadn't watched `Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon' - starring the dashing Andy Lau - until tonight. But as it was already showing since beginning of the month, we got to watch it in a smaller hall - ie. Hall 15 of GSC Mid Valley.

When the movie started, Lynn and I thought the screen was kinda weird. The people all looked thinner than usual. Even Sammo Hung's round face had become long!!

What happened was, instead of showing the movie on a wide-screen format, the screen was lengthened and what we saw was a elongated/compressed version!

We were hoping they would rectify the problem soon.. but no. Well, it was quite annoying as it really distorted the picture. But what could we do? So we just had to make do with it and watched on..

It didn't help that the bulk of the movie - the war and battle scenes were just so messy and a blur. The director chosed to use close-up and OTT artistic shots. And then we had to watch a compressed version of it.. well, just to say I couldn't make out the fighting scenes.. and it wasn't enjoyable.

But guess what? At the ending scene, suddenly the screen black out for half-a-second and before anyone cried foul, the wide-screen was restored!! So we got to watch the last two minutes of the movie properly. And gosh, what a difference seeing a normal looking Andy Lau finally.. and so much better looking too.

Sigh. Guess it's just our luck. I had an urge to make a complain. But what use would that be as I'm not going to watch this movie again..

So how's the movie? Well, I didn't like it. With its rich historical setting for story and characters, it could have been much better. But instead, it was another war movie with glorified gore and violence, but not much human relationships and emotions..

Of course, the extra `special' effect we got didn't help.

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