Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Such Gross and Rude People!!

I had a most uncomfortable and grossed-out time at Starbucks today!

I knew Malaysians, especially men, like to stare.. But this was just way to much and it really gave me the creeps!!

What happened was I had a late morning appointment with a friend - was interviewing her for an article - and the meeting place was Starbucks at Amcorp Mall P.J.

I arrived before she did and sat down inside, at a table by the full-length glass window. It was just adjacent to a table outside (you know, we're practically joined if not separated by the glass). A man (around early 40s I think) with his laptop was there and he smiled and nodded at me. I thought he was just being polite and I returned the nod and proceeded to do my own thing.

But then I noticed from the corner of my eyes that he kept staring and looking at me - almost non-stop! And when he caught my glances, he nodded and smiled again.. I was a bit perplex.. and wondered was he someone I knew? But honestly it didn't ring a bell.

Even when I was talking to my friend, that weird guy was still staring and looking me over! By then, I was pretty sure he wasn't someone I know at all.

When I walked out to the toilet, he eyes movement practically followed me. I was feeling more and more uncomfortable as his looks were getting more lecherous and lewd. But I was determined to just ignore him. After my friend left, I continued to stay on to do some work as I needed to pick up something from my church after lunch time..

I tell you, I could be quite thick skinned and bold but being eyed-0ver by a creepy man - yeah, he was quite disgusting, even took off his shoes and picking his toes - for over two hours were really a grossed-out experience!

At one point, I was tempted to just walk outside to confront him and ask what was his problem!! I didn't do it (to think of it, I should have!) Instead, I just could not `tahan' it anymore and quickly pack up and left!

Actually I also had an unpleasant encounter at the carpark earlier on. As I entered the basement parking, a van was behind me, driving closely. I saw an empty parking lot and immediately signaled and ready to reverse my car in. But that idiot was so impatient that he refused to let me park! Instead he honked!! I didn't relent so he had to let me park but he was so angry that he gave me a dirty look. I honked back as he passed by, but he then had the nerve to stop and reverse his van to where I was, honked again and sped off!!

I was so angry but also a bit worried for my car. I told the security guards about this and they suggested I re-park my car at another place just in case. So that's what I did.

Gosh, I just couldn't believe some people could be so rude - don't they know basic courtesy? You should let the person in front you to park and you don't stare and eye someone over for two hours!! I tell you, these people should not be allowed to live in civilization and should be banished to a remote island forever!!

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lynnee said...

sheesh, i can so relate to your experiences.

this morning one really rude man in a mpv stopped at the red light in such a way that i couldn't squeeze through to get to the left turn before the lights. & there was so much space in front of his car too. i honked a few times then he slowly moved, then when i passed he gave me the finger & leaned on the horn.

too bad i didn't get the number. else i'd post it on my blog & write a particularly nasty post about him!

really don't know where some ppl get their manners from. such a small matter also want to be so rude already... can't imagine how they'll react if faced with bigger issues.