Thursday, April 10, 2008

`Rescued' by a Good Samaritan!

I finally found a micro-cassette recorder and could savage my work! And I want to say a BIG thank you to Lydia!

I woke up yesterday morning and spoke to my editor, who said she used to have one of those recorders but needed to search for it and could only let me know by today. In the mean time, she asked me to ask around as well.

Then over lunch as I was ranting over this incident, my uncle said out of the blue that he has one lying at home! One that he bought `just for fun' and hardly used.. But I could only collect it later at night when he is home.

Suddenly in the afternoon, I received an email from Lydia who read about my `recorder crisis' in my previous post. She offered to lend me hers, and gave me her number so that I could contact her. It was a little of a surprise and I thought it was so nice of her.. but I thought I didn't need to bother her as my uncle has one already.

After choir practice and a meeting with friends, I went to uncles' home close to midnight. The recorder looked pretty new and my uncle was so sure it was working, so I thought the problem was solved..

How unlucky I was again! On the way home as I tried it out I discovered the recorder was faulty! The `play' function did not work although I could forward and rewind the tape. I tried it so many times and I had to give up. In desperation, I shot Lydia an SMS at midnight.

The sweet lady replied in the morning and said I could pick the recorder up from her in PJ as she would be there. She even took the trouble to walk a distance to pass it to me so that I didn't have to park my car.

I was still a little worried as I wasn't sure whether my tape can be heard on hers.. so imagine how happy and relief I was when it played loud and clear!!

And I spent a good part of the afternoon transcribing the interview...

So, I didn't manage to get help from any of the people I know but instead was `saved' by one good Samaritan.. and indirectly my blog :p


Lydia Teh said...

Am glad I could be of help. Blogs are so useful, I used it to help promote my books and here you are, being indirectly 'rescued' through yours.

jesscet said...

yeah but also very lucky that someone like you came across it! thanks again. :) will contact u soon once when i am done with it.

Anonymous said...

those mini recorders are sold in yaohan. i think one of those electronic stores on the ground or first floor, i cannot remember. i have always wanted to purchase one and have been eyeing them while windowshopping at yaohan. - john tiong

Lim Chang Moh said...

Hi Jesscet, Nice to know that your mini-recorder crisis was averted. It is great to see your blog still active. I've just returned from the US wieher I spent 2 months for the birth of my granddaughter Sophia.

Hope to catch you at MidValley someday. Cheers and God bless!

jesscet said...

john: Yaohan? does it still exist? anyway, am not thinking of buying another one now. Haven't heard from you for so long, hope all's well..

chang moh: hi! Congrats to the proud grandpa and such a nice long holiday you've had..:) yeah, hope to meet up some time soon.. and continue blogging!

Lim Chang Moh said...

Hi Jescet,

Thanks. Really, my wife and I now miss the little girl and we 'see' her on the webcam on Yahoo Messenger every now and then.

I am also very surprised to hear from John Tiong in your blog. What's he up to these days? Still with Malay Mail?? Hopes he reads this. Cheers.

jesscet said...

he's left MM before me. i think he's still with NST Travel Times (the last i spoke to him)

Anonymous said...

hi chang moh wow a grand dad now. and what an envy, staying in america for two months. i miss your movie reviews. did you meet up with any of the stars? - john tiong

jesscet said...

(on behalf of chang moh) you can still read his reviews on his blog - which is linked to mine!