Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You CAN Teach a Rebellious Dog New Tricks!

I am so proud of Jojo! : )

In a way, I am also secretly proud of myself (after all, he is my `son'!) but more so, I must give credit to the two MKA trainers - Muni and Surin - for their good training guidance and advice. They are really working!

Yep, Jojo has shown improvement and is much more obedient now. Among some of the things he has learned to do:

1. Go into his crate when we ask him to - although sometimes need food as bait but still much easier than before.

2. Understand and obey the `STAY' command. Which means I can ask him to sit and stay and I proceed to go out of the gate.

3. Won't dash out of the gate when it is opened.

4. Finish eating his food in 5 minutes (he took ages last time) although sometimes leaving some behind.

5. Fetch something when I throw it and then come back and let go of the thing when I say `GIVE'.

6. Obey the command `OUT' immediately when he try to sneak inside the house.

To be honest, I think the progress would have been even faster and better if I had more time to train him. Also, the fact that he had the wounds problem didn't help.

But Jojo is a smart and loveable dog after all.. the trainers can testify to that.

Yeah, the wounds still have not closed but are drying up. These two days, Jojo looked happier too. Maybe the oral medicine had some side effects and made him feel sick?

Oh, I should gloat a bit more. Just now after my late dinner (what's new) I spent some time training him. And he did so well! I asked him to `stay' just near the gate. After I walked 50 meters away outside with the small gate open, he did not move at all. I repeated a few times.

And later when I walked him on the road, I could `down' and `stay' him and then let go of the leash and walk a distance. He just stayed still though turned his head hear and there a bit. Only until I said `come' and he walked towards me! How sweet.. !

Imagine last time when he sneaked out of the house, the more I called, the further he ran away from me!

When we played/trained `fetch' and `give', he even took a ball from Jelly and gave it to me. How sweet! :)

But I know I can't slack. I also need to give him more time and affection which i am striving to do amidst busy work..

What about the other J? Well, she is smart alright but when it comes to taking a walk, she is almost uncontrollable. Jelly is one hyper-active kid who won't give chance to her brother. She has to win no matter what.

I think next year i shall begin proper trainer with Jelly too. Then Jess will finally have two obedient Js! :)

Make that my new year resolution!

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Tigre said...

Can you teach a woman not to break hearts or do they do it for fun? J/K, i'm just reflecting ono my past. I love dogs, and hope you and your friend have lots of fun together.