Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mini Reunions with `Old' Friends

I've meant to post this sooner but kept having problems with posting photos on Blogger...

In the last two weeks, I had three mini-reunions with `old-friends' from way back.. by that I mean these are friends whom I've known for more than two decades - to be precise, 24 years or so! (gasp) They are my secondary school mates from Singapore's UWCSEA whom I went to boarding school with.

Quite a number of us are based in KL but most of us hardly met up.. but then, although some of them we had not seen each other in years, and for others even decades, there's always a feeling of familiarity when we met up and yeah, we're like old friends (literally!) After all, we have lived together, played together, studies together.. in our formative years.

Mini Reunion 1- Reason: Angie
Last week, Angie from Hong Kong dropped by for three days. The last time she came to KL was seven years ago! She's originally from Labuan though and I managed to catch up with her in Sept when I was there. Anyway, a few of us had dinner with her at Madam Kwan's at MVM, followed by drinks at Coffee Beans when a few more people came. I seemed to be the only one having a camera (yeah, dont think anyone of those busy high-flyers blog!) :p

At Coffee Bean: (clockwise from left) Andy, T.L,, Melissa, Wong, me, Pat, Angie and Kington, who I used to keep in touch with then never seen at all since his wedding five years ago. And we are both living in KL!

Pat (whom I keep in touch with), Angie and me posing for a pix. Maybe we will meet together in HK next year!

Mini Reunion 2 - Reason: Angie (part 2)
Two days later, Wong Chen played the gracious host and invited a few of us to his cosy and arty apartment. The walls of his aparment were decorated with many modern art painted by himself. Yes, here is one artistic lawyer.

(left) The artist/chef -of-the-day Wong and (right) TK, cutting the vegetable pie while Wong's neighbour Sandra looks on. Speaking of T.K., he has lost a whopping 20kg in two years! I hardly could not recognise him.

Pumpkin soup with ice-cube? Wong said he created this as he was lazy to heat up the soup! It does taste lovely though. On the right is the sumptuous vegetable with bacon pie (there is no official name to the dish) and fresh salad with vinegrette. What a satisfying meal. Forgot to take picture of the `sinful' desserts from Strudels but since they're not homemade....(but nonetheless yummy

(from left) T.K., Wong, Zainal (seated) Angie and me posing for a pix after a satisfying meal. We chit chatted for another couple of hours or so over drinks and trying to finish off the desserts..

Mini Reunion 3 - Reason: Gail
The following week, Gail from Canada stopped over at KL before she went back to home town Miri. We had dinner at Fiona's club house - just four of us gals plus Fion'as son Joshua who is also Pat and my godson.

Fiona had not seen Gail since leaving school while Pat and I saw her 7 years ago when she came to KL. We had a wonderful time chatting and talking about `the good old days!' It was really nice to know that we were still the same and never changed! Gail is still the jovial and generous self and she insisted on treating us dinner!

Gail and me

Jushua and mommy who is making monkey face!

This photo - (from left) Pat, Fiona, Joshua, Gail and me - was taken after a satisfying Chinese dinner at the restaurant. We adjourned to Fiona's house to have tea and chatted further, and left close to midnight as Josh was getting cranky and all of use were all also tired... After all, we are not teenagers anymore!

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