Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Tree Again!

We hadn't have a Christmas tree up the last two years - due to the fear that Jojo would `eat up' the tree and the ornaments! But this year, I decided that it's time that we could finally put up the tree again! Jojo is now residing outside and if he does come into the house, he is better behaved and would likely to leave the tree alone. Jelly, meanwhile, is only interested in biting things that smell like food..

So, it marks the first time we have a Christmas tree for Christmas in this new home!

After putting up the tree sans ornaments for a few days, I finally went to replace new lights - got the clear ones for a change rather than multi-coloured we used to have. I also bought some new ornaments adding to the existing ones. The colour theme is silver/pink and accented with red.

I spent less than an hour decorating it. I know it is nothing fanciful but it does give a nice festive atmosphere to the living/dining room. And it does look much prettier in real than in this photo... :p Posted by Picasa

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lynnee said...

nice nice!

i love putting up christmas trees too but i sooooo hate taking them down!

the last time i put up the one in my house, it stood there right up to CNY. xmas deco & all.

am seriously thinking of getting a sort of ornamental tree-thing that can do double duty & serve as a christmas tree & CNY deco & an ornamental piece for the rest of the year.