Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One More Addiction / Jam and Sing!

I totally lack self-disciplined when it comes to things on the Net. Yes, as mentioned, I am easily addicted and get obsessed with new stuff. Already these days I have been spending quite a lot of time (early hours of the morning to be exact) blogging and then surfing others blogs. By that I mean friends as well as strangers.

And then now I am hooked on this Blogthings quizzes! Especially that they're short and easy to do. I have confessed in an earlier post that I'm a sucker for those so-called `personality tests'. In fact, I am also those rare ones who kinda enjoy filling up questionnaires and surveys. Maybe I'm just expressive and vocal?

I think I've completed more than 90 percent of all the tests on Blogthings and its `sister-quizzes'. I think I'm going nuts.. must stop!!

Well, since I have been writing so many aritcles - long or short - during work these few days, I can't really keep my mind coherent to write another `masterpiece' here. Rather, I am just jotting down random thoughts now.

It's now just two-and-a-half-week to Christmas and I'm looking forward to it. All the work would have wrapped up by then and my nice editor had already approved my leave from Christmas to New Year! Even though I've taken a fair amount of leaves this year. Don't think i've exceeded the 28 days quota though.

I am not going anywhere but using that one week to rest and set goals for the new year.. yeah, i'm good at setting resolutions but not in keep them!

Besides work, the practices and preparation for our Christmas Cantata is going full steam as its only 2 weeks to performance date. To be honest I had not been practising much at all except memorising my part last week. But tonite I did!

Well, I have not had dinner with family for some days, on mom's request, I wrapped up work a little earlier and left office after half-past seven. My `fear' was confirmed - got stuck in a major jam along the Connaught Highway home. Don't understand why we have to pay toll yet stuck in a jam always. Groan.

But for once, the jam was quite bearable because I made use of that 1 hour to practice my singing in the car with the music! Yeah, thanks to HL's reminder, I downloaded the CD nto my iPod. (I don't have a CD player in car but can play iPod music through an adapter) It was quite a good practice actually. I must have sung quite loudly coz my voice was a little hoarse when I reached home.

Time to check out a couple more blogs (NOT blogthings) now before I hit the sack. I have all my evenings filled with various programs from tomorrow till Sunday!

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