Monday, December 26, 2005

One Year After the Great Tidal Waves...

Today marks the first anniversary of the horrifying tsunami catastrophe in South Asia.

Today is also Boxing Day. But since Dec 26, 2004, Boxing Day - a day of joy following Christmas which is traditionally is spent resting and opening presents - would never meant the same again.

It was heart wrenching to see the sufferings of millions as a result of the disaster... but on the other hand, a tragedy of such mammoth proportion also brought out the unity of the human race.. although it was by reaction rather than pro-action...(sometimes, i wonder why it takes something `bad' to bring out the `good' in people while other time we are just contented being apathy to the cries of the down-trodden)

Anyway, i don't have any poignant thoughts to pen on the tsunami disaster (for my mind is still clouded after a late night) But as a part of the 6.2 billion (or thereabout) inhabitants of this earth, i want to pay my humble tribute to the many many brave and selfless souls who had sacrificed and risked their lives to play their part in the relief work and building the homes of those in affected areas - in particularly Sri Lanka and Bandar Aceh.

We know the lost of those affected could never be replaced. Even now, CNN and other news net work is broadcasting special programs on the `one year after'. Reminds of one year ago and days following Dec 26, 2004 where CNN, BBC and other major news net work had round-the-clock reporting on the tsunami. And after watching it for some time, the initial grave shocks and disbelief gave way to numbness and sadness.

I've spoken to colleagues and friends who were in the disaster areas (either reporting or in relief work) and from what these brave people had seen and experienced, I know it would be something that would haunt them for the rest of their lives..

Others like me..the only contributions we could make were monetary donations and prayers...

Lets hope and pray for the survivors and their families, that their suffering will be alleviated and to live life on with courage..

And lets hope and pray that the good of the human spirit will live on in this fallen world.. even at times when we're speared from disasters.

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