Thursday, December 01, 2005

December Overloaded

It's scary! we are now in the final month of 2005!! Where has the time gone? Is it true that when you get older, you feel the time passes faster.. well, it sure feels like it to me!

December has always been my favourite month. It is year end -school holidays, a time to reflect and to look forward to a brand new year. I looked forward to my favourite festival of the year Christmas (even before I was a Christian) And then there is my birthday.. but these few years I'm not looking forward to its coming as I used to do..

But right now I can't feel any joy or excitement. Rather, I feel stressed..very stressed and tired already. I had been swamped with work... but what is looming ahead is going to be three weeks of very very busy schedule. Why is there so much happening in the entertainment world (ie. music, concerts, new movies, arts and theatre, all kinds of events.. you name it) the longer you've been doing this - although I've only officially been with the desk for two-years-and-three-months - it seems everyone, from old-timers to acquaintances to strangers, would be contacting you. And these are just my personal contacts. On top of that, my editor gave me assignements too. On hand I have more than a dozen stories that I have to work on in this coming weeks and some deadlines are near...There're more to come, I'm sure.

(btw, I can't do everything that I've come across. I have to be selective on the invitations and press releases and even that, there're still A LOT!)

AND, on top of this, we have to do a couple of `year-enders'. In my case, a review of sorts of what's happened in the Chinese (overseas and local) entertainment scenes. It is more than just compiling from the archieve as I need to meet and interview certain artistes also..

Pardon me if this is such a lousy post and that I sound grumbly and whiny but I can't help it. I feel so unhealthy - not been exercising, over-eating and lack of sleep. Oh, and besides my work, there are church commitments, as well as some necessary social engagement (eg. gatherings with friends who are visiting, birthdays, weddings etc.)

EVERYTHING is happening together and I am overwhelmed!

Sigh.. how I wish time could stand still for a while..and let me be able to enjoy December, once again...

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liz said...

What a coincidence - I'm going to be insanely busy in December too. Dec seems to be the Ent industry's fav month to stage plays/musicals/concerts for some reason. ;) I have a long pre Christmas vacation though - can't wait!! - but after that it is work, work, work, work, work ... aieee!