Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gearing up for this weekend - a `N' post :p

When you can't think of anything interesting to write about but feel the need to update your blog.. you can do a `narcissist post'!

This Sat, our family will be hosting a `Double celebration' dinner to celebrate grandma's 90th birthday and my uncle's wedding together! Yeah the same uncle who registered some months earlier but only now throwing a reception!

Yours truly will be the emcee, and instructed to speak in Mandarin (who although is my mother-tongue, I would be more comfortable speaking in English actually..)

So partly because of the function and partly because it WAS time anyway (since I last had my long hair chopped off in early July), I badly needed a hair-do. Not just to trim it back in style but also to colour the front as a patch of white hair was growing very conspicuously around the parting! So much so that friends (including guys) also noticed!:(

Although you can't see it in the photo but the white was really pretty obvious!

As two of my deadlines were clear.. (one more to go!), today I went back to my trusted hairstylist and even managed to do some work on my laptop. Grace Salon has free WiFi service even! how cool is that! ;)

Basically I just had those front bit coloured, did a treatment and had my hair cut.. and while doing all that, also had my nails done :p (time saving, no need to find another time to do them!)

Actually I quite like the length and style of my hair now! It's considered shoulder length and quite easy to style and maintain.. But today, because of the problem of white hair appearing at the parting, my hairstylist did something different (to salvage the problem)..

So, besides the colour and the trim, anyone notices what's different about my NEW hair? ;p

Ok. not like I haven't warned you this is a narcissist and plain frivolous post. But it sure is a good stress reliever!! ;)

p.s. This Sat is really eventful.. starting off the day with a group of friends for brunch.. and then there will basically be a huge Chow clan reunion at the dinner! sis, bro-in-laws and many cousins will all be back! then the next day, got to get up early to sing in church - am in the choir again.. Busy busy, but am looking forward to an exciting weekend!

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