Saturday, September 01, 2007

A gem that is Tjampuhan

A bit lazy to write today.. but decided i should get on with the Bali post before I get busy again..

One of the highlights of this trip is our stay in Ubud - the cultural centre of Bali. I've chosen a rather quaint and special hotel that's set amidst nature.. yep, everything is back to nature. The rooms are all wooden huts with atap roof, and each with its character.. we have a lovely view of greeneries from the balcony. Originally we've been put at a room that takes some walking to do so for my mom's sake, we requested one nearer.. and it's still very nice.

You can hear stream running - there are two streams down the hill and also birds chirping.. very very nice especially you're one that appreciates nature!

Lest you think that it's very costly, actually it's pretty affordable - booked on the Internet, it cost something like US$255 for three nights. We needed one room and it's very big and roomy. It's just a few minutes away from the town centre and we have free shuttle service daily..

Anyway, will let the photos do the `talking'..


Anonymous said...

It certainly looks lovely! I kind of like papa's new look, the undyed hair.

jesscet said...

me too! but he's quite self-conscious sometimes though he begins to think it suits him! ;)

btw, why do u click on anonymous all the time.. u can put your name if u click on the `other'!

NotesFromVenus said...

Oh those are really pretty pictures, you should come share your travel tales with us!

jesscet said...

thanks for dropping by and for the compliments! would love to share my stories on your blog.. :)