Monday, September 03, 2007

Jojo is unwell :(

Jojo is ill.. :(

It's the first time he has fallen ill.. He has been having diarrhoea since Friday and yesterday evening, I brought him to the vet near our place which takes care of all his vaccines etc..

It was a new vet (a young Malay lady) who was on duty.. Jojo was given an anti-diarrhoea medicine - she asked whether we want her to give anti-biotic and dad and I thought probably no need yet. The vet also took a blood test and said there was no bad infection or virus..

She said we were not to give him any food last night.. supposedly to cleanse the system.

But then, Jojo didn't seem to get any better! He vomitted twice last night and again twice this morning!! And according to my maid, he was so weak that he didn't even bark at the newspaper man like usual..

In fact, my maid was so worried for Jojo (yes she loves the two Js) that she was crying.. and I had to console her!!

I was getting quite worried too.. But soon I realised I think his weakness was more to do with hunger than illness.. We fed him this morning and he ate with not bad an appetite..In fact he was longing for food! At first I was contemplating to bring him to another vet (cos I didn't really trust that vet who seemed inexperienced!) but then Jojo seemed to have build up more energy.

He barked at the postman just now and also ran around the garden a bit when I ran.. and he could also jump onto his favourite bench!

Well, he still looks a bit pathetic and lethargic but I guess I will observe him for the day and continue with the diarrhoea medicine. At least he is able to eat..

Meanwhile, I need to bring a messy Jelly for grooming. It has been a LONG time since she was last groomed.. Cos I Was thinking of letting her to grow her fur long as she looks cute.

But I think it's not a good idea after's unhygienic as she is always scratching and appears itchy all the time.

In fact, she looks like a fur ball now!! :p

Update (10:45pm) - The RM100 Make-over!

Normally the charge of full-set grooming was RM90, but today the groomer said he had to spend extra time to detangle all the knots in her fur! yeah, i think I was a bit lazy in grooming her :( anyway, now Jelly is all neat and clean and trim!

p.s. Feeling relief that Jojo is now much better.. he managed to smile and play with Jelly as well.. so I believe he's on the road to full recovery :)


Anonymous said...

Get well soon Jo

Your yi yi

Carmen and Kim Kee said...

Poor Jojo, send our regards to him:p Good to hear that he's recuperating!

I like Jelly with long fur, so cute, just like a fur or wool ball :)

jesscet said...

thanks guys for your concerns for Jojo. It's amazing that he is now back to his old self! and also no more diarrhoae! :)

p.s. Carmen yes, we also think jelly looks cuter with long fur but had to cut cos its too messy and itchy!

Shan said...

Is Jojo back to normal? Will keep him in my prayers.

jesscet said...

shan: yes Jojo is! thanks..:) and hope patch is doing well!