Friday, September 14, 2007

an owl's rant..

Lately I've run out of inspiration to blog.. or maybe I should rephrase it. I don't know what I should blog about..

Normally this blog is like a journal of sorts - chronicling some of the happenings in my life as well as some of my thoughts and views. But the irony is, it can't be an honest diary for I know people - friends, acquaintances, strangers - are reading it (not to say I have that many readers but it's public!)

So there are many things I rather not blog about though it can be on my mind.. Maybe I'm not that open after all.. I choose in what areas I would like to reveal myself. I don't mind having my face up here, or telling you where I went for holidays or some celebs I met.. or even my work journey and some personal reflections.

Oh, I have just digressed!!

I started off this post with just ranting in mind. Yeah, I just want to publicly confess of my `problem' - I am turning more `owl-like' than ever!

This is not good. For the last week or, except for two nights when I knew I had to wake up relatively early next morning, I had been sleeping around 4am. Although this is not the first time I sleep at such unearthly hours, but I had been hoping and trying to have a more healthy and normal sleep pattern..

Somehow I've failed again :(

I can blame the Internet, blogs and Facebook in particular.. but the truth is I have no one to blame but myself! I just don't have the self-control and discipline when it comes to going to bed - but in particularly in my own room!

I mean I can sleep rather early when I'm in hotel or another place.. it's the distraction here..

Ok, so I went to bed at 4:15am this morning.. (I did work a bit but the latter hours were not work!) When I sorta woke up at 11:30am.. I felt so tired and groggy.. so I laid in bed till 12-ish. I am up now but I feel so totally lousy! I feel I need to sleep and my eyes are reddish.. I can't even wear my contacts. :(

The many late nights must have taken a toll on me.. and looks like I'll be wasting almost the whole day away.. till the concert tonight. For I just feel too lousy to step out of my house.. Originally I was thinking of going to gym, have my hair cut etc..

Oh, the latest group i joined on Facebook is entitled: `People who don't sleep enough because they stay up late for no reason' Hmm... how uncanny!

Sorry for such a crappy and senseless post. Hopefully there's better `news' in my next post.

I'm going to lie in bed again..

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