Monday, September 17, 2007

Big Jin and me

I met a Great Dane when went for an interview assignment last week. I've never touched nor played with a Great Dane before. He is huge.. but quite mild manner and mellow.. unlike my two hyper dogs!

His name is Jin - short for `Gui Jin' - from Hokkien (there's a story behind how he came about but too long to tell here :p) He is 3 plus, a well-travel dog as he gets to go with his master everywhere!

During the photo shoot, we requested that Jin would be in the photograph together with my interviewees, who are a family; and he ended up upstaging his owners and became the centre of attention!

I believe the photos will look good with such a handsome dog in it. Even I couldn't resist taking photos with him!

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jaytea said...

i'm a great dane fan. there's a great dane somewhere in my neighbourhood. when the owner takes him for walks, i just stand and gawk.
i'm not really a dog person, but if i ever get a dog, it would either be a great dane, a labrador or a german shepard.